Friday, August 08, 2008

A Word About Hipsters

Linked above is a well written article that my brother brought to my attention the other day. The lack of and/or false sense of originality about the "hipster" scene ironically contradicts what they try so hard to be. I agree with the author and his claim that the worst part of this counterculture is its increasing dependency on the consumption of "cool".

Some people might argue that in fact, borrowing style or characteristics from previous rebellious youth countercultures does require some degree of creativity and originality. After all, we've all witnessed the success of artists across all genres revive sounds from the pasts. Hip Hop artists dating back from 2pac and Biggie to Kanye West and P Diddy have made a killing off sampling old tracks. While bands like the Klaxons, Strokes and The Killers have thrived by playing off of nostalgic sounds.

But comparing the skill, innovation and artistry that is required in music production to hunting through thrift shops for flannels and riding around fixed gear bikes would take a hell of a stretch.

That being said, it appears that the only people who would have a serious problem with what seems to be a very accurate description of "hipsters" would be the "hipsters" themselves.

Being an optimist I see that the good news is its not too late to turn everything around. Those who have fallen victim to buying into the hipster scene can just as easily buy out of it. Just shave off your comical facial hair. And remember... You're not fooling anyone by dressing, acting, or pretending like you belong to a generation of the past.

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