Saturday, August 30, 2008

30 Seconds of Applause

I took a course on instructing elementary education. We studied the intellectual, emotional and social development of children. Most people took the course because it allowed you to leave campus and work at local elementary schools.

Our teacher, Ms. Swanson believed that children who were applauded, were happier. She believed that if a child received at least thirty seconds of praise, applause or positive recognition a day then they would gain confidence and significantly aide their social and emotional development.

So everyday as we filed into class and made our way to our seats she would pick someone out and ask them to remain standing. That person would stand for thirty seconds as the class cheered, clapped and praised them.

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Puddin' said...

how would you feel if corey applauded you after every time you gassed...this is whats wrong with our socity. lova ya homes