Friday, August 15, 2008

Oggi io Vado a Firenze

Today I'm leaving to Italy to start job training for a position I took with my school. Initially I mentioned I would be relocating to London. However that option proved to be academically incompatible with my 2 remaining required courses.... I thought my hopes of European adventures were crushed, but after a week of being turned away from a dozen different counselors and deans I found a great compromise. To compensate for having to change sites I got a job that offers free housing and meals. 

But the point of this post is really to say "Arrivederci!" and you can be sure I'll be posting about some of these European adventures... So what do I have up my sleeve for the next few months? I'm thinking Oktoberfest (aka Bay to Breakers in lederhosens), taking London by storm and some of the latest italian food trends.
Keep you posted.

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