Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top 10 Worst Things About Flying

Instead of wasting my time writing a post about how much I hated my travel experience with US Airways yesterday, I decided to quickly point out 10 things that make flying a little more miserable than it really needs to be.

10. Being randomly selected to get your bags swiped for explosive powder-- ??

9. Taking off your shoes at the metal detector -- By now the bomber knows not to hide things in the shoes

8. The "no liquids in your carry-0n rule"

7.  The middle seat

6. Having to board in "Zones"

5. People who crowd the gate before they call their zone

4. People who are way too overdressed for traveling

3. Really loud crying toddlers (Not Babies... Toddlers. The ones that are old enough to eek out that fake crying/whine when they run out of genuine tears)

2.  Passive aggressive flight attendants who think you can't tell they hate being nice all the time

1. Poorly dubbed in-flight movies that had to be edited so that they were rated PG 

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