Thursday, March 15, 2007

Young Talent Utilizes Youtube

From the restless sea of european soccer fights, Johnny Knoxville wannabes and 80s daytime sitcoms that we spend browsing through on Youtube emerges a new breed of video blogger. Young artists have begun to use the popularity of Youtube to showcase their talents and broadcast their skills around the globe. Recently an 18 year old Danish girl acquired international stardom and even made the cover of Billboard Magazine. Esmee Denters signed a contract with a major record label after a she was scouted from her Youtube account that she taped from her sisters room.

Following in her footsteps a very talented Ghana native broadcasting from the UK has risen in the ranks of Youtube popularity. Currently in the top 50 most subscribed musicians, Nanakojo soulfully delivers renditions of Hip Hop, Neo Soul and R&B classics. Armed with his Casio Keyboard and Yankees cap he frequently interacts with his subscribers and urges them to video respond, comment and on one occasion challenged them to sing to his keyboard accompaniment. With the support of loyal fans he has been a successful and well received member of the community of musicians that post videos on Youtube.

As someone who takes the time to contribute to an endless stream of blogs in which I am only one of billions, I can appreciate a person like Nanakojo. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain and fearlessly recognizes this as he continues to exhibit his talents. Upon discovering his video archive I was both impressed by his music selection and his skills on the keyboard.

I highly recommend searching for him the next time you decide to kill time on youtube.