Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Aaaaaand I'm Back in the Game!!

Okay, so it's been a while since I've actually updated this... but what the hell, no one reads this. I've been incredibly busy enjoying my last summer in LA. Fourth of July was cool. Had a BBQ with friends and family and fell in a major upset in the second round of a table tennis tournament to Chester. These days I've been stuck at home without a car all day while my family works. I booked my flight and I'm scheduled for take off at 10pm on Sunday August 21. As for the homies, they're fine as well. D-Mac aka Doug is doing his thing out in Beverly Hills working as an assistant loan officer by day and amateur pick-up artist by night. A-Rey aka Alex had a three day stint at GNC, thought about it, and has decided to pass his time chillin' with Ms. Brownie (his half Pomeranian, half Chihuahua). Chi, is employed as a full-time student at P-Dub (PCC) trying to get his transfer on and currently doing summer school along with the rest of the gang. That's about it... Oh yea mike has been missing from the face of the earth for a long ass time. Most of the summer at least. I think he's on some vacation that all my friends know about, except me. Maybe in Europe or something. other than that I'll make sure to write again before I leave.