Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mac N' Cheese Please!

Most people are lucky if they can say that they have just one real friend. Not one of those aquaintances that you took a group picture with at some formal dance in high school and call for parties every once in a while, not even those pretty close buddies that you consider part of your "clique" but have never really known so well... But more like that friend who actually knows you, met your family, the type of friend who can tell when you're lying. I've been lucky enough to keep (and make) a handful in the past couple of years. I could write about wrestling, or rant about some vague political topic, but that can all wait. I think when it comes down to it, my friends effect my everyday life more than the thought of these insignificantly broad topics like sports or even world news at that. Hell, they are what makes writing these blogs fun for me, and they are the only people who read them. (thanks guys). I want to take time every once in a while to write about some of my closest and today I've decided to start with a special one...
A little bit ago, more like 8 years ago, I requested to switch study halls (to 7th period Luce). I only did it to escape this pretty mean guy Mr. Rini, who would prepare a referral for my friend Doug (who I'll feature next) everyday just before we took our seats. It turned out Mr. Luce's class wasn't as easy going as I suspected, but I did meet someone who I still remain close with to this day. In fact, you could say she's my "Tender Macaroni" (See Bobby Brown "Roni")... Uh huh, that's right! I said it... Macaroni! There isn't a word in the english language that comes close to describing Katie so I have to resort to early 90s Bobby Brown, which by the way is one of her favorite genres of music (Early 90s R&B), so it's fitting. In simple words, me and Katie have been through a lot, not just awkward high school drama, but real deal adventures like rickety roller coasters, and dangerous journey's. (Dangerous for 13 year olds at least). She's someone that I don't think I'll ever not be close to, or at least I'll never want to. And for the few times when we have for some odd reason or another not been close, we've always eventually cut through the bullshit and worked things out. She's not just one of my best and closest friends, but someone I care for immensely and not in a "buddy-buddy" way. Sometimes you butt heads with people for so long that you forget why and it's good to stop and reassess what direction you are moving in. and I'm glad which way my train is headed. And with that analogy, I'll end this blog as it is on the verge of making the transition to tender macaroni cheesy to "Hallmark" cheesy. Until my next blog...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Movin' On Up!

Aaaand I'm back in the game! It's been a while since I've posted some new commentary, I've been pretty busy finishing up my last semester at "P-Dub" a.k.a. "P Double C" a.k.a. Pasadena City College. After 12 grueling months I'm glad to say I've made it out and am starting at NYU next fall. Be sure to catch my blog I'm working on about the success of PCC and junior colleges in genral and how they are a vital part of the public education system.

In other news I moved to Covina! It's pretty cool, and still in the 626 area code. (phew)