Monday, April 28, 2008

Blog of the Week & Daft Punk

I totally forgot feature a weekly blog in my last post. Well this week check out one of my "go-to" blogs, Grub Street. It's under the food tab on the home page for New York Magazine. The site has introduced me to great places to eat in the city and they usually post when there are open tables at the more exclusive restaurants.

Last night ... or technically yesterday morning, I mentioned a Daft Punk song on my "Top 10 Songs to Ring in Spring"... I mentioned it because I heard it at a party over the weekend and it was like the first time I heard it. It was stuck in my head all day yesterday and today I found myself listening to the song on my iPod at work. Maybe it's one of those songs you have to hear at a party to really appreciate.

I know I've featured a Daft Punk song recently (see Something About Us)... but this is the last time for a while.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this one, and if you don't then maybe this will give you a good reason to throw a party this weekend and kick spring off with some sweet jams.


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