Sunday, May 04, 2008

Keeping My Eyes on the Prize!

When finals week rolls around every semester I get a little overwhelmed with work and find myself in a constant battle trying to stay motivated. I always end up trying to get my roommate hyped up on finals too. Last semester we really got into it. We jokingly wrote the most corny inspirational quotes we could think of on our Dry Erase board. Every day leading up to finals week we had a theme to mentally prepare ourselves. For example, Tuesday's theme was "Eyes on the Prize", Wednesday's theme was "Stay Hungry" and Sunday of course was "Show Time!"etc... The whole thing was hilarious... Completely over-the-top, cheesy and pretty silly.

The point I'm struggling to drive at tonight is that there is this saying we have in wrestling that says, "Misery loves company"... but I find it much easier to plow through the "have-to" ("Rookie of the Year" reference) by remembering that humor, silliness or just a positive attitude also demands company. No one ever said that misery is the only path to success.

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