Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Opportunity Cost & A Belated Top 10

One thing that is always tough to do (at least for some of us) is to sit down and calculate expenses. Recently I have found myself staring down a huge list of both expenses and some very important decisions that will have lasting affects on my life. As these plans and big decisions become more concrete I'll share them with you all, but the point I am struggling to get at today is that things cost a lot!

Every thing we do costs something whether it be time, money or the infinite other opportunities we let pass up. Yes we've all heard this the first day of Econ. right? "No such thing as a free lunch" that is, unless you are with Dickie Shiriani : )

With that in mind I had an old friend over the other night who apparently has not taken full advantage of his own educational opportunities here at NYU. To put it bluntly this person is a poster child for neo-conservative America and his views on social issues mirror those of a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. It's more sad than it is shocking when I think about it.

We had a little "debate" on issues that I haven't expressed about ever before on this blog. We talked about the "War" in Iraq (If that's what you want to call it) and it made me think... I remembered hearing how much the war costs a day and it turns out that it is estimated to cost US tax payers 341 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY!.... that is depending who you ask because some statisticians have incorporated the costs Americans have incurred as a result of the increase in the price of oil...

I'll stop here before I fill up my whole home page trying to express a frustration that statistically you most likely share with me. but before I go I will imagine the TOP 10 things I would do with the $508,000,000 million the US has spent on this war.

TOP 10

10. Pay off student loans

9. Hire a personal chef and a full cooking staff

8. Buy a building in Manhattan and get Bobby Flay to open a Thai restaurant downstairs

7. Pay Bravo to take "Millionaire Matchmaker" off the air

6. Loan money to the Dodgers so they could build a championship team

5. Build a network of energy efficient schools in developing countries

4. Sponsor the education of every child in Haiti for a 20 years... and throw in some Nike Frees for all them while I'm at it.

3. Customize a space shuttle with an elastic cord that would pull 100 tons of waste and make daily trips up to space so I could sling the waste toward the sun

2. Hire a marching band to follow me and play songs at my request. (e.g. The Imperial March, Final Countdown, The Gap Band, Stevie Wonder etc.)

1. Throw a party a party on a deserted island and have the theme be "Castaways from Gilligan's Island"

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