Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In attempt to mix things up I won't post a "make up" Top Ten list for this week instead I chose to share a clip from one of my favorite shows on television, Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you haven't heard, this show is written and stars Larry David, the creator of a little show from the 90s called Seinfeld. I think of it as the "real-life" visualization and reenacting of events in David's life that have inspired the type of comic genius of Seinfeld.

I know it's hard getting into a new show. It feels like you're so behind that it's too late to appreciate it so you just forget about it. That's why I don't watch "Lost". Not to worry, that isn't an issue with "Curb". Much like its predecessor each episode is a completely random series of events.

This is one of the funniest musical montages I've ever seen! (check out John Legend's get up too.)

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