Sunday, April 27, 2008


At the risk of sounding like negligent parent I honestly have to say I've been swamped with work in the past couple of weeks so I haven't been able to blog so much. I apologize and will make it up to you.

Summer is approaching fast and the stress of finals, papers, locking down a (paying) summer job, and organizing my annual trip to Bay to Breakers is falling on me way too fast... much like the feeling you get when you play Tetris on level 10.

So I'm trying something new tonight. This may be a little weasley but surely a better alternative then seeing the same Curb Your Enthusiasm clip every time you visit. in a nutshell here are abbreviated versions of blogs I would have posted in the last couple of weeks if I had so much time. (Press play down below to que the old school "frantic" music)


-Uma Thurman's new movie "The Life Before Her Eyes" is prettaaay prettaaay good. Definitely recommend it. Be advised. I don't remember coming out of movie that mesmerized since Donnie Darko... Yea its like that.

-Lake Show Baby!! Woo Hoo! Need I say more. Nothing better than kicking off summer with the Lakers in the playoffs with a solid chance at taking back the champiionship.

-Pope was in town a week ago but unfortunately wasn't able to see him at Yankee Stadium or sneak into the UN to see the speech he delivered to the General Assembly. I did however see some excellent pictures. I'm not too worried about it since I'll most likely visit the Vatican in my time abroad next semester.

-For those of you reading this from NYU... (roomies, Dack Attack, Magill) All-Sports party is back in full effect. Looks like it's going to happen after all... Wrestling team holdin' it down keeping the party alive.

-Kanye West's Glow in the Dark Tour is receiving great reviews. A-Rey, my LA source checked the concert out last weekend and said it was "Craaaaazy"... Too bad the tickets are ridiculously expensive or sold out.

-I really want a road bike.

-Top 10 Songs to Ring in the Spring 2008

10. Jurassic Park Theme Song (I guess?)
9. Journey- Any Way You Want it
8. Janet Jackson- Someone To Call My Lover
7. The Beatles- Here Comes the Sun
6. Estelle- American Boy
5. Daft Punk- Digital Love
4. Justice- D.A.N.C.E
3. Tom Pety- Free Fallin
2. Bill Preston- Nothing From Nothing
1. Naughty by Nature- Feel Me Flow

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