Saturday, March 01, 2008

Have You Heard?

At work, when you get bored of reading blogs or hunting down videos of fighting giraffes on Youtube you should check out "Over Heard In New York", a website where New Yorkers post things they over hear everyday in the city. The website is a hit. I love people watching, and I am guilty of eavesdropping on occasion... Just a few moments ago I overheard a girl standing on a corner explaining how horrible her date was and that she was desperately trying to fake sick.

One of my all time favorite things over heard was couple's conversation in Central Park playing Scrabble...

(Girl just wins)

Girl: Yay!... Wait,hey hon, does your butt hurt?

Guy: Haha no. Why?

Girl: Oh because that's where I just raped you!

Guy: God I love you.

The site is really addicting and gives you a glimpse of the thousands of the stupid, funny and terrifying things we say to each other everyday. At the very least you'll learn to watch what you say the next time your on the phone or think no one is listening.

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