Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Τεταρτη 10 Λογοι

If you are my age or older than you might find this next list amusing.

During my travels last week for spring break I frequented various different bars, clubs and lounges etc. in and around New Orleans, Los Angeles and New York. Being the observant blogger that I am, I took note of specific characteristics that I always notice when going into a place I won't enjoy.

Since I promised two lists this week I have made one multifaceted list.

The Top Ten Signs You Need to Leave a Bar/Club


The Top Ten Signs You are at the Best  High School Party Ever

10. Beers and cocktails are being served in plastic Solo cups

9. By cocktails they strictly mean either vodka and orange juice or vodka and cranberry

8. There is a lady selling flowers on the dance floor (I think this is an LA thing)

7. They played the "Superman" song twice

6. There are 18 year old girls riding a mechanical bull

5. They played the "Superman" song once

4. It is located in a strip mall (unless the strip mall has a 24 hour Taco Bell)

3. After you get passed the bouncer you are approached by a scrawny frat boy asking for a $10 dollar cover charge

2. There is an obnoxious emcee on stage screaming obnoxious things like "Wanna take it back to the 80s ladies?!" and belting the lyrics to every song.

1. The DJ is using his iTunes to play music

* Note: There are definitely exceptions to some of these rules. I have definitely been to fun places with plastic cups... and I even know of a cool place that happens to be in a strip mall.  I also don't believe there is a place that possess all 10 of these characteristics and if it does exist then I'm glad I am not aware of it. 

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