Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top Ten Elenco di Mercoledì

As promised here is this week's Top Ten. In light of recent scandals involving Governor Spitzer and a 5"4' brunette named Kristen.. I wanted to feature a list of our "favorite" (aka those that are most comically offensive) R&B lyrics. You know the ones I'm talking about... "Feelin' on yo booty".... "Feel a lil' poke coming through"... etc... but then I realized Jodeci and Joe dominated half that list... So that category will have to be put on hold until I have the time to do some research...

As for right now it has just come to my attention that my blog is now being read in 14 different countries! So in honor of the international subscribers out there, here is a list of top ten countries I would like to visit among the 14 countries that have visited me.

10 to 1, last to first.

10. Canada- Sorry eh.

9. Colombia

8. Norway- way too cold.. and I wouldn't be able to handle all those hours of night,

7. Romania

6. Netherlands

5. Australia

4. Spain

3. United Kingdom

2. France

1. Japan

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