Sunday, March 09, 2008

Countdown to NOLA

This March, instead of joining in on all the traditional spring break festivities (a.k.a. navigating overcrowded multilevel clubs in Mexico that are overflowing with dudes and on a good day, peppered with girls that are way overdressed for a place with sand dance floors and who all think they're classy by double fisting plastic cups of moonshine and blue food coloring) I'll be in New Orleans developing a my commitment to action.

What do I mean by commitment to action? About a month ago I, and over a thousand other college students from around the globe proposed commitments that would address the most pressing global issues of today.These commitments address four focus areas (global health, energy & climate change, human rights, poverty alleviation). Around 500 of these students were selected to participate in the latest project of the Clinton Global Initiative, CGIU- a conference that will bring together students, university presidents and their commitments and help put them into action.

I won't disclose the full details of my commitment here since it is not a finished product and is at a point where it can go in one of two very different directions. However, what I will say is that my commitment is to energy and the climate crisis. I would like to collaborate with an existing organization to reach out to middle schools students and create a school wide program aimed at finding simple energy saving and environmentally friendly solutions in schools. I've got great ideas and will surely share them with my loyal readership as they slowly become a reality in the next few months.

I'm really excited to kick off spring break in New Orleans and be a part of a project that has already proven to be a huge success in engaging young people and shedding light on global issues that our generation must begin to act upon. As if the star studded guest list were not enough the great music, cajun food, Southern belles, mint juleps and "Hurricanes" can only make it better ... I can hear the trumpets blaring now.

This week I have some serious midterms so I'll get back to you on Wed. for a half-assed Top Ten list. And to that I will say, in the words of my favorite Cajun cartoon character, Leatherhead.... "I GUA-RAN-TEE!!"

(Sorry Gambit)

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