Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mercredi- La Liste Des Dix Premiers

I've been contemplating this all day and I decided to rank my top 10 teachers (K-12). Unlike I ranked these instructors based on personality, raw teaching ability and the ex-factor... (as always)... corniness.

Since most people have no idea who these people are I have included a tag line that explains what earned them their spot among this special group.

Ascending from great to greatest:

1. Mrs. Steben (1st Grade)- Eucharistic minister who taught me how to tie my shoes

2. Mr. Nielsen (5th Grade)- The stereotypical "cool" teacher at every school.

3. Dr. Hatch (6th Grade Math) - Took me out of a traditional math courses

4. Mr. Luce (7th Grade History)- Main vocalist of the all-teacher cover band, Teacher's Pet.

5. Mrs. Porner (4th Grade)- Took me to Huntington Gardens 3 times.

6. Mr. Nitzani (7th Grade P.E.)- SPMS P.E. legend and inventor of 'Nitzani Ball'.

7. Ms. Fieblekorn (6th Grade P.E.)- She made me want to be an athlete.

8. Mrs. Bran (K)- All kindergarten teachers are nice, but not all of them can wear bell bottoms and sport an afro in '94!

9. Mrs. Fullinwider (Math 9th/10th)- Spent her weekends on a touring motorcycle. She was one of those teachers you hated for pushing you.

10. Mr. Ring (12th Bio)- I got a 'D' in his class and an 'A' in college level biology. He is a all around a great guy. Not to mention extremely corny.

I realize this list is completely useless and not entertaining for readers outside of the South Pasadena Unified School District loop... but my hope is that after reading this you think back to your Top Ten Teachers and the funny catch phrases and memories you've shared with them.

Lastly, to express my gratitude for these teachers here is a hit from my elementary school days. And yes, those are khaki shorts, plaid vests and ties.


douglasmckain said...

-Mr. Nielsen was so lame I remember he used to make fun of kids who would start there sentences with "like"

-Dr. Hatch was pretty cool she had a cute daughter

-Mr. Luce was on your nuts for some reason and gave you that "school spirit" award. He was a lot nicer than his better half.

-Mr. Nitzani was the best P.E. teacher at South pas hands down. His short shorts with fifty pockets and his safari hats with this Toyota pick up. He also gave me the most referrals. Thanks to him most south pas students know how to juggle.

-Ms. Fieblekorn was nice she would always let Mike and I play catch on game days.

-Mrs. Fullinwider was hot for a 55+ year old women I always used to fantasize about her.

-Mr. Ring was the biggest Freddy Mercury from Queen look a like wannabe. His calm demeanor when delivered his zingers infuriated me. I hated his son to when all the chicks were jocking him for no reason just for the sake of hating.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post two above. Ms. Fieblekorn lets you take it easy if she knows you're a good athlete...

and for the less unfortunate...

well, she's still nice on them.