Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wednesday's 10

I might have mentioned before that I listen to music constantly. It's just a habit I picked up in the city to make the commute a little more bearable.

I'm not saying I have a better taste in music than anyone else. In fact, all I am is a music fan.. I'm no aficionado. In my eyes, or I guess I mean to say to my ears, good music is relative. Like the way 90s alternative rock sounds so much better when being blasted in a bar or the way Eye of the Tiger only sounds good when your about to work out or before a big game.

Every morning I make it a point to put on music that gets me ready for the long day ahead- "Morning Motivators" if you will. Here are my top 10. (#1 Being the best.)

1. Raphael Saadiq- Doin' What I Can
2. Shuggie Otis- Inspiration Information
3. Father MC- I'll Do 4 U
4. Bill Withers- Lovely Day
5. Jay-Z- December 4th
6. People Under the Stairs- Hang Loose
7. Phoenix- Long Distance Call
8. Steely Dan- Peg
9. Bruce Springsteen- Hungry Heart
10. Electric Light Orchestra- Don't Let Me Down

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