Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Tuesday! & Del Posto

Tonight a few friends and I decided to go to celebrity chef Mario Batali's Del Posto. The decor was stunning.  Everything about the interior from the elegant marble staircase and  grand piano to the mini ottomans set beside womens' chairs to hold their purses made this scene one of the best looking indoor spaces in the city. The menu showcased authentic, rich italian dishes with an excellent wine and rare beer selection to top it off.

Del Posto is definitely a date scene. This is a place to go for the experience, not if you're hungry. The servings were disappointingly small but offered a unique take on Italian and exemplified the detail and intricacies that characterize Batali's trademark style. The excellent service including compliments from the chef before and after dinner were another highlight of the night.

Go to Del Posto and see smell and taste for yourself what many acclaim as one of NYC's premier dining Establishments. 

Happy tuesday.. hang in there only a couple of more days of this week to go. Here is a song to help you unwind after a shitty Tuesday at school or work or wherever you are.


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