Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I hope you'll forgive the incredibly dull title. That's not to say that any of my other titles are any more clever ( see previous post). But I simply have so much to talk about that I might blow your mind with everything that has been going on.

I'll start with Sunday. The performance of the New York Giants was simply inspiring. I imagine every sports analyst/columnist in the country lost a little sleep on Sunday night thinking of what they would say after they had just been proven wrong. I have always been a fan of the underdog. Maybe its because I've been the underdog a few times, or maybe its my competitive side that wanted to see the Patriots lose for once more than anything else. When it comes down to it I have nothing but respect for the Giants who despite the critics and analyst, played football with a sense of urgency and desire that is rarely seen in professional sports these days. The Giants win on Sunday showed the world that sometimes statistics and predictions should be taken for exactly what they are.. statistics and predictions. Which is exactly what we saw two days later, on Super Tuesday

I spent my evening at a campaign headquarters tonight (The one not in Chicago) and waited as results came in. The atmosphere was something familiar I just couldn't put my finger on it. The distinct feeling that I've been to a similar event lingered as I watched the media, supporters, donors, elected officials make their rounds in the packed ballroom. I thought back and as the chants and cheers grew louder it hit me. I realized where I had seen this before...

At my high school the most anticipated day of the year wasn't homecoming, not spring break, not even prom. In South Pasadena there is an age old tradition that dates back to the pre war era.The day of the first home football game is Color Day. The students come dressed in completely orange and black costumes. They plan ahead for months even years thinking of costumes. On a side note, in many ways the group of people you dressed up with and the quality of your costumes seemed to be some sort of symbol of social status, which in retrospect makes me cringe but that's another story. The main event of the day is held in the gymnasium where the bleachers are sectioned off by graduating year and a series of competitions take place center stage that pit all the grades against each other.

In many ways the campaign celebration tonight was a lot like Color Day. The deafening roar of the crowd and the clever chants that make your throat feel soar and your ears ring were all a familiar feeling, the energy level and the overall positive atmosphere were all so familiar. Except there were more drunk people there tonight. Overall it was a memorable night and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go. Plus, Bill was there.

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