Sunday, June 28, 2009

Top 10 MJ Songs

These are my favorites

10. Stop! The Love You Save - A feel good track

9. Man in the Mirror - A song that challenges us to reconsider our place in this world

8. Scream - Sibling bonding. The memorable intro incorporates white noise and static. Elaborate choreography in the video. Watch for the precursor to Janet's "wardrobe malfunction. Sexy.

7. Never Can Say Goodbye - Little Michael sings his heart out... tear-jerker : (

6. Black or White - Ah yes. Rapping Macualay Culken. Serenading girls of all colors. The video also features interesting Native American dancing as well as Tyra Banks' head morphing into a fat guy with dreadlocks. 

5. Rock With You - Classic MJ

4. You Are Not Alone - Wow. Lisa Marie makes this video worth watching despite the creepy outie bellybutton.

3. It's Great to Be Here (Kenny Dope Remix) - This is a song about gratitude and being happy where you are. In many ways this song reflects how I feel about MJ. Just thankful.

2. I Want You Back - A Perfect Pop Song. Instant dance party. Sure to bring smiles to any situation

1. Remember the Time - Of the many sounds of MJ this was my favorite, a little more funky and smooth sound that makes for unparalleled pop-locking dance choreography in the video. It's a song that was released in my childhood and the song that made me first realize MJs timeless sound. 

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