Friday, June 05, 2009

The Rabbit Club

These days it seems like speakeasies and clandestine drinking spots are sprouting out like unsightly neck hairs. A quality drink menu with finely crafted cocktails however are becoming harder to come by. It's like the word "mixologist" can justify charging 13 dollars for any decently garnished mixed drink with bitters. I guess the term "mixology" is falling into the wrong hands.

The Rabbit Club is an exception. Right across the street on Mamoun's Falafel on Macdougal St in NYC is a quiet little sleeve that boasts one of the most rare beer selections in the city. The dimly lit bar is a tight squeeze between the seats and the friendly dog that often roams the premise. The men behind the bar are often sociable and willing to help you choose a beer that suits your preferences.

This is great place for a date-- A couple of drinks before getting the night started. The tunes are pretty sweet and did I mention the velvet wall paper? Any self-proclaimed beer enthusiast should check this place out. Try the Radenbach if its on tap. Its a unique Flemish Red Ale that has a great sour and tart bite to it.

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