Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Passing of an Icon

Michael Jackson's life was dedicated to entertainment. As a world-class performer, singer songwriter, actor and philanthropist Jackson's fame, iconic fashion statements and dance moves have left a lasting impression on popular culture and the music world. Words simply cannot express the tremendous grief that has overcome his fans around the world with the news of his death last week.

As I walked the streets of Hollywood last thursday night, a surreal silence in the air overcame the usually populated strip. I observed groups of friends huddled around tables at bars, sitting tamely deep in thought with an occasional glance up at the TV as familiar arial shots of the hospital and the crowds that gathered dominated the local news. His music blared from every bar and every passing car.

There is not a single person I know in this world who has not been personally affected by Michael Jackson. The reality of that statement is a testament to Jackson's genius. Not many people on this planet are endowed with the talent to bring joy to people through their art (try playing "I Want You Back" at a party and you'll see what I mean). His work and contribution to humanity has at the very least made us dance, laugh and brought joy to us in ways that no other artist or entertainer of our generation can compare. For this, his legacy will continue and his music will transcend future generations.

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