Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Alternative Summer Reading List

I've been seriously neglecting my posts recently but my long-time childhood friends have stepped up their blog game in a real way. Check these guys out. They update regularly. For some funny clips and the latest on sports and pop-culture:

The "Don't Hate/Love Gazette"

The Douglas Daily

Also a notable new blog... Ever wonder what its like to bike from Mexico to Canada? I do. A friend of mine (against all conventional wisdom and common sense) has recently embarked on the journey of a lifetime as he tries to conquer the Great Divide Bike Trail that runs North and South across Middle America from Mexico to Canada. He is currently over 20 days into his journey. About half way through his trek which requires biking 60 miles per day. He's had a handful of brushes with death and met some characters along the way. Check it out.

Godspeed Clem! Make it back to NYC


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arey11 said...

props on the shout out. I got love for the bzablog now...