Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rule #10

In regards to conversations about politics, one thing should be understood: You can't have a strong opinion about something you don't know much about. Respect others' opinion no matter how radical or irrational they may be. That being said, if by chance you have the misfortune of coming across someone who supports and endorses causes and/or representatives that through policy and practice have diametrically opposed that person's own interest (whether they be economic or social), this means that you have entered what some call the "No-Spin Zone". If you do not act quickly you will be held intellectually captive and as a side-effect be spellbound by manipulative righty heresy. Hastily find a polite way out of that conversation. Under no circumstances, no matter how tempting, should you attempt to apply common sense, truth, logic to dismantle your captors arguments or opinions (they are immune to facts and modern science).

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