Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Sweat It

A few months ago a friend mentioned to me his on-going battle with embarrassing pit stains. He had recently got his hands on a fancy clinical strength deodorant that felt like it burned his armpits shut. 

Since then I've wondered if I should switch up my deodorant. I've been loyal to Old Spice High Endurance for the past 7 years and all these years I never really thought about switching. I find myself overwhelmed in the deodorant section at CVS or Rite Aide so I usually grabbed my trusty Old Spice for the convenience and familiarity. 

It wasn't until last week that I finally built up the courage to (and had enough time to think about) switching deodorant. With a little research and a quick trip to Whole Foods I found a moderately priced and quality alternative. 

Tom's of Maine is a hit! My armpits feel amazing and smell like a cool breeze blowing through ripe apricot trees! The coolest part about the deodorant is that its all natural and it contains hops (like the ones used to brew beer) to fight odor. 

* Tom's of Maine offers a variety of scented deodorant including an unscented deodorant

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