Monday, July 14, 2008

Mid-Summer 20 Day Challenge!!!!!

The truth of the matter is that several things have lead me to the epiphany I had tonight. But for the sake of a better story, it all started about a month ago...

Everyday I would walk back to my apartment from summer school rather than take the subway. It saved money, I got to enjoy the weather and I usually took different ways home so I could scope out new places around the neighborhood. On this particular day I settled for Houston's. It worked out perfect since it's only a block away from the apartment and I wanted to meet my roomies who usually woke up around the time I got out of class. Lunch was expectedly delicious and everything was great... that is, until the walk home. 

Have you ever said something that wasn't meant to be funny and been laughed at hysterically? 

I have. 

All I said was that I couldn't wait to get my "beach body"...

Okay that does sound pretty ridiculous (especially when you say it out of the blue). But here is where the difference lies: I thought it was funny because I said it nonchalantly, as if it were easy. They thought it was funny because they thought I couldn't seriously dedicate myself to achieving a "beach body" . Whatever that is. 

So to make a long story a little less longer... Tonight I realized I like my body. Especially in the off-season! Muffin-top and all! Because outside the world of collegiate wrestling I've got a pretty average body. It's also a constant reminder of the work that lies ahead of me. But most of all because my body tells people "Hey! I have fun! And I'm not a self absorbed dude who spends hours at the gym pumping iron and downing protein shakes for the looks.  I'm secure enough to embrace my in-season body and my off-season body"

But that's not all! Out of pure spite (and for fun). I'm going to whip  into shape anyway. Just to prove that my body is a lifestyle choice. A choice that I don't necessarily always enjoy or am proud of. But a choice that I consciously have made. So to prove to myself that this is in fact a choice, that I am not stuck in a rut of lazy despair and melted cheese and that I am capable of living the fit alternative I will do a 20 day challenge. 

Below are the guidelines:

 For twenty consecutive weekdays beginning tomorrow July 15 , I will

1. Run at least 3 miles or bike at least 6 miles.

2. Not drink soda

3.  In any order perform 100 crunches, 100 bicycle crunches, 50 leg-lifts

4. 20 mountain climbers (this does not involve climbing at all. Wikipedia it!)

5.  100 push ups

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Mike said...

So did you get the beach body!!!???