Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top 10 Things I'll Probably Eat Upon Arrival in LA

Note- I've listed these in no particular order. Truth be told, I listed them in the order they came to mind. With exception to probably "The Number Four", I DO NOT consider these the BEST things to eat in LA by any means. I do however recommend them to those who haven't tried them. This is the food that I usually have at home, when I'm on my way out, or when no one is grilling - food that I love. This is food that I can't get anywhere else that I for sure will eat when I'm in LA...

10. Double Western Bacon Cheesburger Combo (aka "The Number Four") - Carl's Jr.

9. Carne Asada Tacos - La Estrella (or their rival taco truck on S. Fair Oaks Ave. above California Blvd.)

8. Chili Cheeseburger w/o tomato and pickles on the side - Hi Life Burgers

7. Curly Fries w/ buttermilk ranch dipping sauce - Jack in the Box

6. Beef Kebab Plate - Mediterranean Cafe

5. Double Cheesburger - Tommy's

4. "The Widow Maker" - Claim Jumpers

3. Fish Tacos - Taco Nazo

2. Super Nachos - Albertos

1. House Special Noodles - Townsend

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did in and out really not make this list