Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Rules of Game: Rule #1

Starting today my blog will feature what I like to think of as "rules" that all of us should at least take note of, if not live by. (I think I just broke ten grammatical rules in that last sentence).

Sometimes these rules will spawn from my extreme responses to daily events (like my bad posts) and sometimes they will be completely random (like my worse posts). And yes, if you're wondering, this is a shameless imitation of Esquire's rules and the "Man Law" in recent Budweiser commercials. I can only hope to be as egregiously sexist and witty as they have.

Without a better way to explain these rules, I'll just give you one already:

RULE #1: If Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain ever fight in a cage match for rights to the nickname "A.B."... put your money on Tony.



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