Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Five Food Factories

Unfortunately I don't know 10 different food places to eat with the name "Factory". Truth be told, if I did know 10 places these five would be the only ones I would suggest. So this Wednesday I can only do a top 5 list.

5. CheeseSteak Factory (New York, NY) - Great for late night eats in SoHo

4. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (New York, NY) - Rich old-fashioned ice cream with traditional and exotic flavors (e.g. mango, pina colada, taro)

3. Cheesecake Factory (various locations) - The one thing that puts this place at number 3 are their fried macaroni balls (pictured above). Try them!

2. Taco Factory (Tustin, California) - I've only been once, but they've got huge servings for cheap and delicious carne asada.

1. Kebab Factory (New York, NY) - The best new thing on Curry Hill. $6.95 for unlimited kebabs, naan and basmati rice!!

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