Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Al Prossimo Anno

As I battled a vicious cold last weekend I began to wonder if Bay to Breakers would live up to all the hype. After a long night of improbable events in Berkeley, two friends and I made our way back into an unusually quiet San Francisco. Because on the third Sunday in May, the freaks don't come out at night in America's favorite city by the bay... they come out at the crack of dawn.

A few hours later we woke up and rode a bus into the "panhandle". The rest was really all a blur. It's funny watching the sea of runners pass by and evolve from serious packs of runners to middle aged walkers in costume- then come the younger crowd of people who are just old enough to have a good time and dress up but too old to get wasted in the street. At this point nudist pepper the crowd on the street that is now twice as dense as half an hour ago. By 9:30 locals on Fell St. were blasting "Rhythm of the Night" and sending people out on beer runs. Somewhere along the way a photographer from the chronicle took a picture of my friends and I pouring beer down our throats from some bizarre frat-house contraption.

Hours later I sat around a cramped table at Blue Front Cafe on Haight (go there) and stuffed my face with a Chicken Ranch Wrap (order one), which pretty much epitomizes my idea of comfort food. They're massive wraps stuffed with lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, ranch, bacon, ham and topped with melted provolone. The best part is this semi-spicy orange sauce that comes on the side.... mmmmm...

Now that I've finally fully recovered from all the weekend's festivities my friends and I are already talking about next year. But until then I'll have the fifty thousand pictures that have been tagged of me online to remind me of what I'll be doing next May...

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