Monday, May 15, 2006

Why Not Safari? (And Happy Mother's Day)

I've been running into serious problems with my blogging. I posted my first blog on a computer that used Internet Explorer and I was able to use the all of the "Compose" features such as block quotes, inserting links, bold, italics and other cool tricks that could come in handy when posting a blog. Later I began posting at home where I use Safari (for Macs) and I noticed you can only upload pictures. That calls for a major "Wag of the Finger" by Mike, and can possibly warrant the first ever "Chump of the Week" awarded to a computer program. Come on! Everyone is using Macs these days! And if your not then your probably the equivalent to that dorky old guy in the one commercial that personifies the two different computers. The point is, I need access to all the features of the post composer. Especially the one where you can change the dates of the postings.

Finally, in honor of mother's day I wanted to share a touching video that I think we should all watch at some point in our lives.
I pity the fool who doesn't treat their mother right!"

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MikE said...

haha damn thats a funny music video... and ill take that "wag of the finger" request into my considersation on thursday.