Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Very First Blog

Today I am posting my first blog. Last night a friend of mine, Doug (see Douglas's Quest For Breast: The Journey of D-Mac) showed me his new webpage on and I was impressed. Before last night I was skeptical about posting blogs, afraid that I would become one of those millions of people posting pointless boring, "I'm lonely and this is what happened with me and my boyfriend this week" blogs on MySpace. But I've seen how posting a blog on a site like this could actually be an interesting hobby and a place to write about stories and events in the daily life of not only myself but of my friends and stories that are unraveling all over the world as we speak. What finally pushed me onto the side of the fence of actually creating a blog are three things: 1) It would be nice to attempt to develop my writing skills every once in a while 2) I can say I have a blog, and 3) One day, a long time from now I'll be able to see what the hell I was thinking about at 7PM on May 6, 2006.
As for my fear of disappearing into the cliche that most nineteen year olds with blogs fall into, I've realized it doesn't matter. There are billions of kids posting stupider shit than me (see Douglas's Quest for Breast: The Journey of D-Mac) and I post these blogs for my own entertainment, a daily, weekly or whenever-I-feel-like blog. If your interested then I hope you'll follow it and if not then I'm sorry and you never have to read off my page again. I won't take it personal because I might have done the same to you. Until my very second blog, peace.

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