Friday, May 12, 2006

I Gotta Outdo Steve Norris

Check this out my loyal readership. On my first week blogging we are already 8 people strong. Actually, I hope the counter doesn't count the times that I check my profile during study breaks. I've checked seven times.

Lately I've been trying to read other blogs to get some ideas about how to improve my own. I noticed that if you click on the location links on your profile it redirects you to other fellow bloggers in my town (South Pasadena). I took a look at other peoples' blogs and they were impressive to say the least. One blog that takes the proverbial cake is written by a man named Steve Norris. This guy is a pro. He has posted more blogs than anyone in my area. But more importantly these posts are high quality, insightful and creative. I guess the reason why I am sharing this with those of you who read this, mainly my friends, is that from now on I won't rush my posts just to maintain daily upkeep at the cost of producing nonsense. We should all put time and thought into what we write and in turn we will be rewarded with the better material and better blogs. We will improve as writers and post interesting material that all of us can enjoy reading. By the way I suggest you check out Mr. Norris' blog, you can find it by clicking the South Pasadena link on my profile. As for me, I'll be working on my next post, I've been thinking about doing something about "Actions speak louder than words", I know it sounds kind of a big subject to tackle but specific recent event have caused me to think of it constantly.

Oh and as for today's accompanying photo... hmm how about in honor of Mr. Norris. I grace you with a picture of another Mr. Norris!...

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