Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekly Hit List

While herds of college students returned to their respective hometowns or embarked on care-free week-long drunken escapades in Cancun or the DR, I spent spring break eating.

Here's a recap of the higlights. Sorry I don't have pictures, you'll just have to go out and try em yourself.

  • The "Sloppy Bao" at Baoguette (NYC)
    A new take on the cafeteria classic, the sandwich has a subtle spice (Siracha). The baguette doesn't cut the top of your mouth but has the perfect crunch. Cool sprouts, carrot and cilantro make the sandwich complete.

  • The "White Truffle Cheeseburger" at Umami Burger (LA) Spongy buns cradle the juicy patties at this high-end fast food joint. Prices reflect the rare ingredients and finely crafted burgers so get ready to dish the dough for the good stuff. Any meat topped with melted white truffle cheese is going to be great.

  • The "Half Smoke" at Ben's Chili Bowl (DC) - It's actually a smoked breakfast sausage. Grilled to perfection and topped with Ben's famous chili (very similar to Tommy's in LA), diced onions and mustard. George Clinton blasting on the speakers and the friendly staff add to the high-energy environment that has kept this place a DC food institution in the past 50 years.

  • The "Lousiana Hot Link" at Wurstkuche (LA) - I've been looking forward to scoping out this belgian fry and exotic sausage and brat spot since I heard about it last Fall. It definitely lived up to the hype. The guy behind the counter even had a belgian accent. The music in the front is much more suitable then the sceney house music they played in the back. But it was a thursday at 4pm so I forgive them. Service was great and the truffle oil fries would have been the highlight of the meal if not for the perfectly spicy hot link.

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