Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Long Way Home (Happy 200th Post!)

Something tells me that the 200th post doesn't come with as much hype as 100th. It's kind of like your 20th birthday-- kind of exciting but nothing new. 

In preparation for a much needed break back home (LA) I'm making a list of some new food spots that have sprouted up in the past few months. Here's a little preview.

1. The Golden State-  Menu boasts entirely CA made products

2. Umami Burger- White truffle cheeseburger.. 'nuff said

3. The LAB- It's a gastropub that looks like a chem lab on USC's campus

4. Reservoir- Arugula, prosciutto, manchego, fried egg pizza (!!!!)

5. The Varnish- Fine cocktails served in the backroom inside a french dip sandwich spot I featured a few months ago. (If you find it I'll be there. Hint: it's not Philippes)

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