Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sergio's White Hot Top 5

This guy has a great job. He gets paid for making a "Top 5" list! I double his productivity on a weekly basis for FREE! But what can I say? the dude is funny. Check him out on "Infomania" on Current TV (Check your local listings)

I once thought of tackling this topic on a top 10 list but shied away.

Rule #32: After seeing many of my original blog post themes on and the Jake Blog (Love/Hate)... "YA SNOOZE YA LOSE!"

Enjoy this.

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literalliris said...

hello byron! It's iris from sp. lol.. remember me? I was browsing through blogspot and came across your blog. i have to say your mar.1 blog with 25 things was really interesting and very well written. Hope you've been well! i heard new york has been crazy snowy. i'm actually going to be there at the end of this month, i hope it all melts. haha