Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Weekly Hit List

A friend recently came to me with a great suggestion to help maintain regular updating... The Weekly Hit List will serve as a mechanism to compensate for lack of creativity/material much like the Top 10 lists have done in the past.

These lists will just be arbitrary things (events, news, food, music etc.) that have somehow caught my attention, but don't warrant a full explanation or post.

  • First off, today is my buddy Kyle's birthday. If you're in Manhattan come celebrate at Cheap Shots (where you drink free on your birthday. Seriously) after midnight!

  • Tonight is President Obama's first State of the Union Address. Highly anticipated topics include the stimulus bill, the current economic crisis and new approaches to foreign policy. I won't urge you to stay tuned because you either care enough to know to watch it or wouldn't understand if you did. 

  • If you've been missing out on all the recession specials here's your chance to capitalize on cheap eats. A cleverly named new Vietnamese Hoagie spot in Murray Hill, "Baoguette" is serving up some scrumptious by-product of French colonial cultural subjugation. 

  • Lastly if you've still got that "Jai Ho" song stuck in your head from the Oscars then tune in to this Jon Brion (music mastermind behind Eternal Sunshine and I Heart Huckabees) track from the indie flick "Synecdoche, New York"-- A heartbreaking hit.

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