Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Sounds of Summer: 1995

Last night I stepped out of a cab on 2nd Ave and took a brisk step onto a slick patch of ice on the sidewalk-- waiting for the worn rubber soles of my desert boots like an urban bear trap. Any other night my cat-like reflexes would have kicked in to save me from a spill but I was on the phone, distracted and short a hand. Those unusually strong gusts of wind that you feel when you walk down avenues were blowing in full force and blasting my face causing me to squint as I got off the phone with my brother. Just before my hand freezes off from being up to my ear for too long I walk into the bar where I meet my friends for a birthday.

This was the song playing when I first walked in; a great track from way back that has always reminded me of summer. When leaving the house at the wrong hour was a serious threat to one's health and the temperature hit the 90s before noon. Ah, the good ol' days of summer.

To keep warm the majority of us who don't live in regions that are enjoying mid-70s to low 80s this time of year here are some jams from the past. Songs that will always remind us that summer is just around the corner. Hang in there.

Today's featured song is one of my favorites from L.

Ingredients for successful summer jam video= overcrowded block/dance party, Female R&B group harmonizing in neon green outfits, the audacity to wear a Tommy Hilfiger sailing jacket in the summer (see dude at block party), and of course... Hershey's Chocolate syrup.

Watch and enjoy

LL COOL J - Loungin' (1995)

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