Monday, February 09, 2009

Top Ten Things You Love to Hate

Keeping with the theme of Valentine's Day, Love and Hate. I decided to take a moment to think of those special things that catch our attention. They captivate us, we simultaneously despise them and are infatuated with them. The mere sight of them brings fire to our eyes until we stop and think, "What would the world be like without them?" and smile. Sometimes our resentment is justified but often times we have no good reason at all.

Here's to...

1. Kevin Garnett

2. Frat Boys

3. Sorority Girls

4. New Jersey

5. The Economy

6. Made up holidays (Valentine's Day)

7. Conservative Republicans (especially the young ones)

8. Every celebrity with a tabloid nickname (LiLo, Jlo, Beniffer etc.)

9. Talking on cell phone's while driving (Who are you trying to fool? You either miss it or still do it!)

10. The Plain White T's (Why can't I stop listening to his whiny voice?)

Big thanks to Holly for the track.


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