Friday, April 20, 2007

Binder Reminder v. 7.3

I remember being issued huge daily planners each year at middle school registration. They used to call them "Binder Reminders" and every teacher would insist on writing down homework everyday before leaving class. It was a great tool in training us to organize and schedule our workload. It was an even better tool for counting down the days of school, the next dance, football game or even just as a space to doodle. My favorite was reading the famous quotes on each page.

Recently I decided to get back into the habit of keeping a daily planner. I had always made "to do" lists or written down important events and numbers on Post-Its and stuck them in my binder. However, these days I move around so much throughout the day and often do so without my binders.

I don't know whether it was the classic black leather, the fancy silk ribbon that held the current page, or the very official card of authenticity that sold me on the Moleskin brand. My new planner is perfect and its much more portable then the old school Binder Reminder. Although it is packed with cool features I probably will never use the time-zone chart or the international shoe/clothing size converter, but it's good to know that I have them. I find that even writing nonsense, or things that I couldn't possibly forget like "go to work" in my planner makes me feel more productive. The planner was a great investment and I couldn't be more happy with the design.

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