Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to Back Bay to Breakers

My trip to the 2007 ING Bay to Breakers kicked off my summer back in California and would not disappoint. Deprived of the prime location at 1970 Fell Street my brothers once held we would have to stay at our cousin's place and rise at dawn and set up base at the corner of Fell and Stanyon. Armed with the 200 yd. range water balloon launcher that we call "The Baptizer", we bombarded floats, nudist and innocent by-standers in all directions. At one point an anchor man from The Filipino Channel even launched a few with me. The launcher was a hit.

A few hours and a few too many drinks later I found myself amidst a mob singing (belting) 'Free Falling' and making my way through Golden Gate Park proudly pushing a float that had been reduced to four Trader Joe's shopping carts and a broom stick.

Later that evening as I began the long drive back to LA I glanced back at the towers of St. Ignatius that loom above the Panhandle and Haight and Ashbury and decided that Bay to Breakers is something I want to go to every year. I remembered why San Francisco had become one of my favorite places to visit.

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