Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's Shakin'

Nestled in the southeast corner of Madison Square Park is a silver shack that from a distance one might mistake for a gift shop or maybe a large news stand. However the small metallic hut is home to my second favorite burger in the Universe!

What happens when the masterminds behind NYC's finest dining establishments decide to do burgers? Something short of the universe exploding.

The Shack Stack at Danny Meyer's Shake Shack is a trilogy of hot and cheesy goodness. It all starts with lightly toasted buns, then a mayonnaise based Shack Sauce. Two perfectly seasoned 4 oz. beef patties sandwich a thick portobello mushroom that is paired with a white gooey cheese, breaded and fried into a crispy and gloriously golden pouch of bliss.

I admit that on my first trip to the Shake Shack I chickened out and ordered a double cheeseburger thinking that the Shack Stack was too much. It wasn't until my second visit until I sank my teeth into the Shack Stack. A drip of that melted white cheese hung from my quivering lower lip as a tear came to my eye and I decided to savor every morsel of this creation and lick it off rather than politely dab it off with a napkin.

Since that day in the park I've always made it a point to take my guests or visitors there. It is a burger everyone who takes a burger seriously should at least have once. This burger certainly made it's mark on my all-time favorite burger list (knocking off the Mushroom Swiss @ Island's) and I am sure it would have a similar affect to anyone who tried it.

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