Friday, January 26, 2007

Spring Semester and the Season's End

The days since my last post have blown by like the arctic draft that seeps through the cheaply insulated window in my room. The temperature has finally began to drop at the start of the Spring semester and with wrestling season nearing its end I've been hit with an endless slew of "to do" lists and expenses. Although it's been a sluggish transition back into school mode, I've finally found some time to post an update about the last few weeks. In the days that I haven't been posting I've found myself constantly making mental notes of things to mention in my next post. Now all I'm left with is a list of random events that in no way can fit together in one coherent story- at least not a very good one, or one that isn't completely random. So that is exactly what I've decided to do for this post. Here is a series of short blurbs from mid-January to last night:

My sad-faced iPod was replaced by the good people at the Apple Store.

With the money I saved not buying a new iPod I somehow justified the purchase of the Bose Sounddock that I've had my eye on since Christmas. Its sound quality is unparalleled, especially in the closed quarters of my room that the speakers fill with ease. The only complaint I have about the iPod is that I liked it so much that leaving my iPod on the Sounddock so long burned out my new iPod in a week. Luckily I was able to replace my replaced iPod the following week.

My ephemeral iPods weren't the only things burning out in the last weeks of January. Plagued with a nagging cervical strain I was relieved to finally finish out the season.

My dad's favorite team won Super Bowl XLI... Tony Dungy lead the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning to Super Bowl Victory and became the first Black Coach to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D), Illinois Senator Barack Obama (D), Former NYC mayor Rudy Guilliani (R), and former Kerry running mate John Edwards have reaffirmed there intentions to run for presidency.

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