Thursday, January 04, 2007


I just wrote a blog that was at least 1000 words about an adventure I had tonight looking for food. It took me like an hour to write, it was funny and witty as hell. It was about finding good places to eat, noticing the seating arrangement at restaurants, people watching and missing out on weekends as a wrestler.

Then all of a sudden Safari "unexpectedly shuts down"!?! I'm in shock. I can't believe I just lost that blog. It would have been legendary. I'm pissed at my laptop right now and I'm pretty damn tired. Looks like I learned a more important lesson than being grateful for meal money. Oh wait you wouldn't understand that reference I made to my "unexpectedly" lost blog!

On a totally random note, I'm watching a clip from Hillary Swank's new film "Freedom Writers" (aka Dangerous Minds 2). It takes place in Long Beach, CA after the LA riots. In the clip, Hillary Swank's character is presenting her students each with a bag of books from Borders. My first thought was that it was some shameless product placement, but then I realized that I never remembered seeing Borders back in the early 90s. Did that company even exists then? That would be lame if it didn't.

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