Monday, January 08, 2007

Lost Without My iPod

On the way to the gym the other day my iPod died. It wasn't a surprise since I hadn't charged my iPod since I was back home in LA. Later that evening however, when I tried charging the iPod it wouldn't turn on and all that would show up is a monochrome battery symbol followed by a little iPod man with a sad face. In fine print below the iPod man was a url that lead me to a technical support page on It turns out this might be the end for my iPod. My iPod that I have carried on every run, every walk, every bus ride, plane ride all over the nation had played its last tune for me. Since I first turned it on in June 2005 it has never failed to deliver crisp digital soundtrack for countless walks, runs and drives. It took a beating and was able to withstand many drops and scratches. I'll really miss it.

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