Monday, March 07, 2011

Conan Goes To Dinner

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In 6th grade I took a computer science class with a nice lady named Mrs. Rafacz. I had her class right after lunch so we would often run late as we waited for kids to trickle in. She had a teacher's assistant -- far from an image of a typical college TA (i.e., attractive brunnete), he was an elderly man -- who was an expert on the boxy, floppy-disk-eating, Macintoshes that filled the computer lab.

One day I came to class and the TA was telling jokes to kill time. I listened half-heartedly as I dug around my cargo shorts for a pen, but I noticed that the joke sounded very familiar. I had no filter in sixth grade (like most middle schoolers) so I immediately blurted out, "Hey! You heard that joke last night on the Tonight Show!" He looked a little stunned and cracked a smile as he took back his seat. Before I left that day he asked, "Byron, what are you doing up on a school night watching Leno?" and I told him, "I don't watch Leno. I was just staying up for Conan."

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iris +++ said...

Loved this post. i remember that TA and being fascinated about some crazy talk that we could start "downloading" movies on to our computers one day.

hope you're well.