Friday, November 07, 2008

Florentine Shopping: Boggi Milano

Hands-down my favorite shopping destination in a high-fashion shopping city. I first walked into a Boggi boutique on a day trip to Siena (home of the famous Palio). They've got a great look. I would characterize it as clean, modern but classic.

I was so impressed by the boutique that I visited their location in Firenze on Vigna Nuova. The service was excellent. The gentleman who helped me was happy to assist me with any questions, urged me to try on everything and after I made my purchases even walked me down the street to a local tailor who fitted some pants and adjusted a shirt. Overall an ideal shopping experience. I'll definitely be back if the value of the dollar continues to catch up to the Euro, or rather the Euro continues to plummet to the value of the dollar.

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