Tuesday, October 07, 2008

20 Hours In London

Two weeks ago I sat idly in the office. I entertained the idea of spontaneously booking a flight to London for a day. It didn't take much peer pressure until I was a click away from booking a flight.

The day after my 22nd birthday a friend and I packed a change of clothes and a bottle of Limoncello and got on a plane to London. It was an impromptu weekend adventure, but after the wild ride to Munich the week before it seemed like a short drive to the post office.

We got into Liverpool Station around 1AM on Saturday and our crash course on the London public transportation began. We met a friend of mine who is studying in London and proudly presented him with the Limoncello. The next 24 hours were spent navigating the Tube hitting every major neighborhood and tourist attraction possible. We were forced to ration our time wisely, and split most of it between a long lunch at French restaurant (Rouge Cafe on High St.) and the Tate Modern. Everything else could be relived on cheesy Facebook pictures.

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