Friday, September 05, 2008


The ugly reality of today's politics is that most people who try to justify their support for the Republican presidential candidate do so by putting down the opponents rather than supporting their own. Republicans at the National Convention chanted "Zero! Zero! Zero!" referring to Senator Obama's "executive" experience. Their are a dozen things one could say to criticize this year's Republican Presidential Nominees but that wasn't the focus in Denver last week. No one in the fully packed stadium even thought of Mcain in the moments before Senator Obama spoke. They didn't need to. In my eyes the show that the Republican party put on earlier this week was beyond aggravating, but disheartening. Sarah Pailin's speech was the ugliest thing I've ever seen muttered from an ex-beauty queen's mouth. She showed me a candidate full of hate, with an outlook on politics that is frankly dangerous for the future of America; the type of politics that brews hate, strikes fear and will continue to let our country down.

While republicans chant "Zero!" they overlook the blunder of the first executive decision made by their "Maverick". If Mcain's strength and leadership allowed for a woman like Sarah Palin to enter the national spotlight then what else can we expect from him if he is elected president?

More to come on the bizarre argument for Mcain's "Economic Policy"...

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